‘Reading is Believing’: Registrations close *14 March 2018*

‘Reading is Believing? Sacred Texts in a Scientific Age’ is a 2-day academic colloquium to be held at Clare College, Cambridge from 26-28 March 2018. Paper presentations will address the function of scripture (Qur’an and Bible) in the modern age, particularly focusing on its relationship to modern science and scientific advances.

Click on the images below to see the full programme, or download it here.   

Reading is Believing programme March 2018 page 1   Reading is Believing programme March 2018 page 2

Keynote speakers: Prof. John Barton (Oxford); Prof. Salman Hameed (Hampshire College, USA)

Registrations will close at midnight on  Wednesday 14 March. A limited number of places are available, so register now to avoid disappointment: https://readingisbelieving.eventbrite.co.uk/

Enquiries can be addressed to Dr Caroline Tee at ct500@cam.ac.uk